Of Cats And Dragons

Audiobook Reviewer medal

Audiobook Nomination!

The NIGHT'S GIFT Audiobook has been nominated by the Audiobook Reviewer for this year's Listener's Choice Awards!

Winter Tithe cover

A Solstice Story

WINTER TITHE takes us to another corner of the world OF CATS AND DRAGONS.

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2017 Voice Arts ® Awards

Early this November, part of the OF CATS AND DRAGONS team ventured to New York City because our own P.J. Ochlan scored two Voice Arts nominations for NIGHT'S GIFT - one in the Teen and one in the Fantasy category.

Nights gift banner

Audio Book

We're excited to announce the NIGHT'S GIFT audiobook - now available for download on both Audible.com and Downpour.com.

Here Now Festival

Audio Event

NIGHT'S GIFT just had its sneak peek premiere at the HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City!