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Book 2

Published: Jan 05, 2018 09:11:36 am
Carol E. Leever

Wild Magic.


The Restless Dead.

And an Ancient Curse.

Nothing will stop Omen Daenoth from saving his little brother. Fortunately, the dragons of Melia and his talking cat are there to lend a helping claw.

In their second big adventure, Omen and his giant talking cat Tormy journey to a blighted land to rescue a doomed child. But the fateful quest entwines their lives with an ancient curse. And Omen has to risk everything for the sake of the innocent he refuses to abandon.

Aided by his magic-wielding family, the guardian dragons of Melia, and an unexpected friend, Omen must confront cataclysmic evil. But how can anyone stand against the immortal wrath of The Dark Heart?

A Solstice Story

Published: Dec 01, 2017 04:07:58 pm
Camilla Ochlan
Winter Tithe cover

WINTER TITHE takes us to another corner of the world OF CATS AND DRAGONS. We find ourselves in the land of Kharakhan on the eve of the winter solstice. This time our hero is in fact a ten-year-old girl — Tokara, one of Omen's young relatives on the Deldano side of the family, whose strong curiosity and loyalty to her sister drive her toward a dangerous encounter. But our girl has a brave heart and an irrepressible spirit, and the longest night of the year still holds many secrets.

2017 Voice Arts® Awards

Published: Nov 13, 2017 11:59:12 am
Camilla Ochlan

Nights Gift banner

Early this November, part of the OF CATS AND DRAGONS team ventured to New York City because our own P.J. Ochlan scored two Voice Arts® nominations for NIGHT'S GIFT - one in the Teen and one in the Fantasy category.

SOVA nomination

The Society of Voice Arts & Sciences can sure pick venues. Last year's festivities were held on the Warner Bros. studio lot in L.A., and for this year's move to New York, they secured Jazz at Lincoln Center's Fredrick P. Rose Hall located right off Columbus Circle. There was universal jaw dropping as we all entered the theater. Behind the stage is a wall of glass that looks straight down Central Park South. (The location also happened to be right next to the finish line for the NYC Marathon that afternoon -- so the arrivals made for a funny mix of dudded-up voiceover stars wading through throngs of exhausted runners wrapped in metallic thermal blankets.) As the evening progressed, we could see the full moon arc from left to right over a cityscape that looked increasingly like Gotham, with 59th Street eventually being reopened to the glowing flow of red and white lights. Our traveling felines may have seen some interesting sights in their fuzzy little lives, but even Tyrin would have called this fantastic hall "Awesomenessness!"

Jazz at Lincoln Center SOVA stage

From the delightful crooning of the Broadway Boys, to an emotional Ken Burns tribute (Ken Burns accepted the Muhammad Ali Voice of Humanity Honor), to the incomparable Lily Tomlin, to Nancy Cartwright who spent at least half of the time as her alter ego Bart Simpson, to all the wonderful new friends and our dedicated family members who trotted out to the city to share the moment, we had a singularly special evening. And while we didn't win the trophy this time, we are truly grateful to have been nominated for our first tale OF CATS AND DRAGONS.

PJ and Camilla at SOVAs

P.J. and Camilla at the SOVAS

Audio Book

Published: Jul 30, 2017 04:25:45 pm
Carol E. Leever
Nights Gift Audio Book Cover

We're excited to announce the NIGHT'S GIFT audiobook - now available for download on both Audible.com and Downpour.com. The audiobook, performed by Audie Award-winning narrator P.J. Ochlan, was released on August 23, 2017.

Order it now at:




Audio Event

Published: Jun 16, 2017 01:42:08 pm
Camilla Ochlan
Hear Now Festival

NIGHT'S GIFT just had its sneak peek premiere at the HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City! On the stage of the Truman Forum at the Kansas City Public Library, P.J. captured the crowd's imagination with selections featuring our heroes striking an ill-conceived bargain with an undead alchemist and the first ever meeting between Omen and his forever companion Tormy, the talking cat of many talents.

As an author who spends most of my time hidden away in my office, huddled over my computer, this was a life-changing experience. The joy of seeing and hearing parts of the story performed in front of a live audience was otherworldly for me.

Carol and I cannot wait to share the book with everyone. And I am so happy that P.J. is willing to jump into the world Of Cats and Dragons and record the NIGHT'S GIFT audiobook! (Coming soon! Squeeee!!!!!!!!!!!)

PJ Ochlan

P.J. Ochlan is an Audie Award-winning, multiple Earphones Award winning, and Voice Arts Award-nominated narrator of hundreds of audiobooks.

His acting career spans more than 30 years and has also included Broadway, the NY Shakespeare Festival under Joseph Papp, critically acclaimed feature films and television series regular roles.

Along the way he's worked with countless icons including Jodie Foster, Clint Eastwood, Robin Williams, Al Pacino and Garry Marshall.