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Escape into Fantasy

Escape into fantasy with OF CATS AND DRAGONS. Re-discover the joy of reading. If you find yourself stuck at home for whatever reason, you might enjoy leaving all things "Real Life" behind for a little bit.

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For Authors: Ebook Covers

This article is mostly for authors who are looking for information about ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand cover art. However there is a lot of artwork in the article that fans of our books might enjoy, so feel free to give it a look even if you are not an author searching for information.

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Lilyth's Midwinter

Lilyth just can't stay out of trouble. When little Shard shares the tale of the Great White Winter Cat, Lily determines that she will make this solstice celebration the best her kitten has ever seen, no matter the cost.

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An OF CATS AND DRAGONS solstice tale

Creating an Ebook tutorial

For Authors: Creating Ebook Files

This article is specifically for authors who want to know how to create MOBI and EPUB files to upload to Amazon. It is a tutorial on the steps you need to format your book and produce the files necessary to upload to Amazon or BookFunnel using free software.

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Happy Halloween

Testing out a new art style while working on multiple art pieces for book 6.

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Thank You!

We can't thank YOU enough for coming out to support us at the OF CATS AND DRAGONS signing at the Dark Delicacies bookstore last Sunday.

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Dark Delicacies

OF CATS AND DRAGONS book signing at Dark Delicacies in Burbank on Sunday, Sept 22nd at 4 pm.

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Over Labor Day weekend, OF CATS AND DRAGONS ventured out to Strategicon!

Camilla and Dragon

The Book of Beasts

Little by little, we are revealing some of the OF CATS AND DRAGONS creatures as — or even before — they appear in the stories. You've already met the glintstealer, firelizards, the dragonberry drake, orclets, nightlings and, of course, the magnificent Tau el Faigntha.