Of Cats And Dragons

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Camilla Ochlan

Owner of a precariously untamed imagination and a scuffed set of polyhedral dice (which have gotten her in trouble more than once), Camilla writes fantasy and science fiction. Separate from OF CATS AND DRAGONS, Camilla has written the urban fantasy WEREWOLF WHISPERER series (with Bonita Gutierrez), the mythpunk noir THE SEVENTH LANE and, in collaboration with her husband, written and produced a number of short films and audio dramas, including the suburban ghost story DOG BREATH, 20/20 HINDSIGHT, and ROAD TO PREDATION.

An unapologetic dog lover and cat servant, Camilla lives in Los Angeles with her husband -- actor, narrator, and producer P.J. Ochlan -- and a pack of sweet rescue dogs.

Carol E. Leever
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Carol E. Leever, a college professor, has been teaching Computer Science for many years. She programs computers for fun, but turns to writing and painting when she wants to give her brain a good work out.

An avid reader of Science Fiction and Fantasy, she's also been published in the Sword and Sorceress anthologies, and has recently gotten into painting illustrations and book covers. A great lover of cats, she also manages to work her feline overlords into her writing, painting and programming classes often to the dismay of her students.