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Kyr and Tyrin

For Authors: Ebook Covers

This article is mostly for authors who are looking for information about ebook, audiobook, and print-on-demand cover art. However there is a lot of artwork in the article that fans of our books might enjoy, so feel free to give it a look even if you are not an author searching for information.

Creating an Ebook tutorial

For Authors: Creating Ebook Files

This article is specifically for authors who want to know how to create MOBI and EPUB files to upload to Amazon. It is a tutorial on the steps you need to format your book and produce the files necessary to upload to Amazon or BookFunnel using free software.

Oblique in pumpkin costume

Happy Halloween

Testing out a new art style while working on multiple art pieces for book 6.

Tormy and Andrade

Expanded Timeline

I've updated the Timeline to include Lilyth's Midwinter! Want a little bit more information about our Timeline and the Of Cats and Dragons calendar? Here's the expanded timeline.



Who is this little guy and what's the story behind his pink shell?

Summers Fall Cover

On Being Twins

Of course I'm referring to Tormy and Tyrin, not myself with that title. If you have read the books you are aware of the fact that Tormy and Tyrin are twins, and quite 'identicallynessness'. That means they're both orange -- or something like that.

Drawing of sword by Carol E Leever

Outfitting an Adventurer

I like researching -- which is a good thing when it comes to writing. And in this day and age, literally anything can be researched on the internet.

Tormy in armor

Care and Feeding of a Tormy

What do giant talking cats eat?

Carol and Camilla

The Unthinkable

What do you do when the unthinkable happens? We found out...

Audiobook Reviewer medal

Audiobook Reviewer

The NIGHT'S GIFT audiobook has been nominated by the Audiobook Reviewer for this year's Listener's Choice Awards! Congratulations to P.J. - our most excellent narrator and the inspired voice of Tormy.

Christmas card

Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season and a wonderful 2018.

Nights gift banner

2017 Voice Arts ® Awards

Early this November, part of the OF CATS AND DRAGONS team ventured to New York City because our own P.J. Ochlan scored two Voice Arts ® nominations for NIGHT'S GIFT - one in the Teen and one in the Fantasy category.