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Shalonie Mask Ventarian Silence

Ven'tarian Art: Shalonie

Published 2020-08-11
Carol E. Leever

So I'm going to try to stay away from spoilers in these art reveals, though obviously there are some hints as to what you'll find in this book.

As I've said in previous blogs, I'm really new at digital painting. There are a lot of things I just haven't had enough time to practice. One of those things is people -- faces in particular. But I've been wanting to at least attempt to draw some of our characters. I managed with my Kyr painting, but I haven't really tried any of the others.

As part of the plot of Ven'tarian Silence, all the characters get these elaborate festival masks. So I thought that might be an easy way to start with faces -- draw them with their masks on. I only have to paint half their faces that way.

This was my attempt at Shalonie. She ends up with a beautiful mask with a golden headdress on it. This was one of the first paintings I did. Then I redid it. And then I redid it again. I had a really hard time with her chin and mouth. Not to mention that my initial attempt at braids was a bit of a disaster. Looked more like twisted ropes than braids.

In any event I thought she came out looking quite regal.

Shalonie Mask Ventarian Silence
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Cissie Larsen said about Ven'tarian Art: Shalonie: Reply

I cant wait to read this! I want it all to be a movie!

Carol Leever replying to: Cissie Larsen

Wouldn't that be something!

Shaunetta Braughton said about Ven'tarian Art: Shalonie: Reply

I think it looks great. It made me think of a forest dragon because of the sleek face, glowing emerald eyes and the leafy crest of the mask. Her braids really look amazing, excellent job

Carol Leever replying to: Shaunetta Braughton

Thank you! Those braids were tough, but at least I know how to do them now.

Barb Wiebesick said about Ven'tarian Art: Shalonie: Reply

It looks awesome! Love it, and anxiously awaiting to read the new book! The only problem is that I read them so fast, and then have to wait long for the next one!

Thank you for writing and illustrating such great stories!

Hope your health is improving!

Carol Leever replying to: Barb Wiebesick

Thank you! The good news is, this book is much longer than the last one -- so maybe it will last you a bit longer. But I get what you mean -- I'm the same way.

Becky Hayes said about Ven'tarian Art: Shalonie: Reply

Wow!!!! I still can't believe you are so good at this. This is amazing.