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Ventarian Silence Gazer

Ven'tarian Art: Gazer

Published 2020-08-17
Carol E. Leever

So here's another monster for you -- this time a Gazer.

The Gazers were actually first mentioned all the way back in Solstice Thyme. Kyr mentioned them to Tokara while they were on their way to Wood Frog Pond all those months ago. She had no idea what they were, and Kyr as usually didn't explain. They play an important part in Ven'tarian Silence, though I'll leave that to you to find for yourselves.

Kyr, incidentally, doesn't mean to be vague or confusing. He genuinely doesn't understand how confusing his words seem to everyone else. He doesn't see the world the same way everyone else does -- he's always just slightly out of step with the people around him. Or maybe everyone else is out of step with him.

In any event he saw the Gazers long before they got to Ven'taria. Imagine turning your head and catching a glimpse of one of these things peeking at you from a dark doorway, or slipping away down an empty alley. I think I would scream.

Ventarian Silence Gazer
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