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Ventarian Silence Diatho

Ven'tarian Art: Howler

Published 2020-08-12
Carol E. Leever

We showed part of this image a little while ago. Camilla's husband, PJ, used this for his Welly Wednesday Facebook post. This is an image of Kadana's husband and daughter -- Diatho and Caia Deldano, along with Caia's dog Howler. They too all sport their festival masks -- including Howler who gets a very steampunk-looking monocle to wear.

This painting took me far longer than all the others -- probably because there were 3 characters in it. I had to design 3 different type masks for each of them. And children are tough -- I probably should have made her face softer looking since she's only about 6 years old. She should have more baby fat still. But I couldn't seem to manage.

I had a lot of ideas about Diatho's clothing -- but most of those ideas proved more difficult than I imagined. You'll probably recognized the sword from one of my tutorials. This was the image I created it for.

I typically sketch out the overall layout of an image, but I end up doing a lot of the individual elements in separate files and then just copying them over. That way I have a reference file so that I know what 'things' look like if I ever need to draw them again. It's also a way to keep the file size down to cut down on lag on the computer. This was a huge file.

Howler was modeled after Camilla's dog Welly. She sent me a good photo of him so that I had something to reference for the picture. I drew him initially without the monocle, and then added it at the end. I think he came out look very distinguished in the image.

Ventarian Silence Diatho
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Sharon Shearouse said about Ven'tarian Art: Howler: Reply

Love it! Passed it on to my daughter!