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Ventarian Silence Wavedancer

Ven'tarian Art: Wavedancer

Published 2020-08-19
Carol E. Leever

I'm pretty certain Camilla posted this image earlier on our Facebook page or maybe to the newsletter. This is from chapter 1 of Ven'tarian Silence. The little creature is called a lunar wavedancer. They're native to the Corsair Isles -- maybe a moth, maybe a bird, maybe an air elemental. Omen doesn't know.

I quite like painting landscapes -- which is funny because I almost never do it. I should paint more of them. Oceans are fun -- water is always interesting to draw. It picks up on the colors in the sky (that's why the ocean is typically blue). In this case I had a whole lot of color to pick from -- sunsets on the Corsair Isles must be spectacular.

Didn't really know how to draw the wavedancer itself -- this was actually the second design. I erased the first one because I didn't like it. I think his face is probably a bit too 'cute' for an actual real creature.

The bracer was hard to draw as well -- typically I don't draw them from the inside perspective. You have to show how they're attached -- some sort of belt or tie to keep them in place. This one got redesigned about 5 times before I finally settled on this look. I think it turned out quite pretty.

Ventarian Silence Wavedancer
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