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Ventarian Silence Tyrin

Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin

Published 2020-08-20
Carol E. Leever

I'm sure you can guess who these two are -- Kyr and Tyrin. They too get festival masks for the story -- you'll have to read the book to find out more about Tyrin's rather odd choice.

This painting was a bit of a monster to paint (no pun intended). I initially painted all the ghosts first -- individually. I actually started them during one of my many sessions of chemotherapy. I came up with the idea after I'd painted them to put Kyr in the middle of the group. And of course if you have Kyr, you have to have Tyrin.

I think Kyr's hand could still use some work -- I wanted him to be holding up Tyrin with sort of a 'alas poor Yorick' pose, but I had a hard time getting the profile I wanted that would still show off Tyrin.

And while Kyr doesn't care about fashion either -- Avarice does, and she makes all of his clothing. So I had to design something fancy for him. I think his mask came out quite good -- it's one of my favorites, despite the lack of color.

The overall image is so massive, my computer was having a very hard time saving it. I think it's over 11,000 pixels wide in its raw form. I had to cut it down quite a bit to fit it on the web page. There are two versions below -- just Kyr and Tyrin, and the full image below that.

The dead are never very far away from poor Kyr -- luckily he has a pottymouthed kitten to keep his attention.

Ventarian Silence Tyrin Ventarian Silence Tyrin
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Lyn Moffett said about Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin: Reply

I love all the books of Omen Kyr Tormy etc. I cant get enough of them and this artwork is absolutely amazing. Love the colours and expressions.

Anne Lalor said about Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin: Reply

wish I had a fraction of your creativity and talent. Love all the paintings and now read the whole (in print) series. hope there is lots more coming up

LyN Wilson said about Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin: Reply

Beautiful work as always. I always read your work online and I wonder if the printed versions include the excellent art? If so, I'll order the next book in the printed version. Thank you both for sharing your worlds with everyone.