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Ventarian Silence Tyrin

Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin

Published 2020-08-20
Carol E. Leever

I'm sure you can guess who these two are -- Kyr and Tyrin. They too get festival masks for the story -- you'll have to read the book to find out more about Tyrin's rather odd choice.

This painting was a bit of a monster to paint (no pun intended). I initially painted all the ghosts first -- individually. I actually started them during one of my many sessions of chemotherapy. I came up with the idea after I'd painted them to put Kyr in the middle of the group. And of course if you have Kyr, you have to have Tyrin.

I think Kyr's hand could still use some work -- I wanted him to be holding up Tyrin with sort of a 'alas poor Yorick' pose, but I had a hard time getting the profile I wanted that would still show off Tyrin.

And while Kyr doesn't care about fashion either -- Avarice does, and she makes all of his clothing. So I had to design something fancy for him. I think his mask came out quite good -- it's one of my favorites, despite the lack of color.

The overall image is so massive, my computer was having a very hard time saving it. I think it's over 11,000 pixels wide in its raw form. I had to cut it down quite a bit to fit it on the web page. There are two versions below -- just Kyr and Tyrin, and the full image below that.

The dead are never very far away from poor Kyr -- luckily he has a pottymouthed kitten to keep his attention.

Ventarian Silence Tyrin Ventarian Silence Tyrin
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Lyn said about Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin: Reply

I love all the books of Omen Kyr Tormy etc. I cant get enough of them and this artwork is absolutely amazing. Love the colours and expressions.

Anne said about Ven'tarian Art: Kyr and Tyrin: Reply

wish I had a fraction of your creativity and talent. Love all the paintings and now read the whole (in print) series. hope there is lots more coming up