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Shalonie's Notebook

Published 2020-09-08
Carol E. Leever

I started creating this during chemotherapy. Sitting in a hospital ward, hooked up to machines that are pumping poison into your body gets surprisingly boring after several hours. I try to take something with me to keep my mind off what is actually happening. I took a sketchbook one day and started writing out some notes. This is some of my work.

The idea behind this is that it's not my art work, it's Shalonie's. She's not actually an artist. Mostly, she writes down notes on the things she's currently studying. Sometimes they're just random thoughts. Sometimes they're notes for someone else to read. She also doodles -- typically in the margins of the notebook.

The doodles and the topics listed out are rather random -- whatever crosses her mind, or whatever she might see while writing.

The notebook sparked a lot of funny conversations with my father who's always very interested in my artwork. He'd look over my shoulder and just frown at the pictures.

"You don't draw like that," he commented one day.

I answered, "They're not my drawings, they're Shalonie's." There were times I think he thought I'd lost my mind.

Here are a couple of pages to start with. I hope you enjoy them. They're just meant to be something fun.

Shalonie Notebook Page 1 Shalonie Notebook Page 2
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Alan said about Shalonie's Notebook: Reply

Camilla & Carol,

I think Shalonies notebook is great!

What Carol has done with the artwork via Shalonies hand is brilliant.

The book is so beautiful!

And being from Shalonie, then Im sure it will be chocked full of useful material, not to mention all the beautiful colors.

This is a great idea.

I hope youre considering making this something we can purchase.

This might be the first paperback or hardback that I would purchase.


Brittany McDonald

Susan said about Shalonie's Notebook: Reply

Wow, that sure is an inside look into how Shalonie thinks, she is amazing. What a gift to have such an wonderful imagination.

Shirley said about Shalonie's Notebook: Reply

Looks and sounds just like her.

Mhorag said about Shalonie's Notebook: Reply

I luv this. You are showing us how Shalonies mind works. I especially luv the doodles in the margins, especially the blue bird. This is fantastic!