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Shalonie's Notebook: 5-8

Published 2020-09-15
Carol E. Leever

Below are pages five through eight of Shalonie's Notebook.

I started with describing what an Ibit is. If you've read VEN'TARIAN SILENCE, you've come across this term. Shalonie spends some time talking to Kadana about elementals on board the Golden Voyage, and of course once they get to the magical city, elementals become more important.

Here's the intro to Ibits, along with a Water, Fire, and Earth Ibit.

Coming up with little things to doodle in the margin was interesting -- I had to think of things Shalonie might draw, not things I'd draw.

Very little of this data actually made it into the book VEN'TARIAN SILENCE. Shalonie references some of it passing, but kept the main details to herself. Not all her friends are as fascinated by the minute details of things as she is. (She probably gave Kyr, the cats, and Kadana's children a lecture on the subject.)

Nikki would probably read the book -- and Templar and Dev both have passing interests in the information. But I rather doubt Omen would take the time to 'borrow' the book. Not unless she had recipes in there.

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Dave Mcloughlin said about Shalonie's Notebook: 5-8: Reply

Love the notebooks , they fit so well with how I see the characters , it makes the world that much more real

Alan McDonald said about Shalonie's Notebook: 5-8: Reply

This book is fantastic!

I have to assume Carol did the artwork.

Shes awesome at drawing and painting!

Love it!

Brittany McDonald

Carol Leever replying to: Alan McDonald

Thank you! Yes, I did the art -- though technically it's Shalonie's Art! More to come!