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Shalonie's Notebook: 9-12

Published 2020-09-22
Carol E. Leever

Below are pages nine through twelve of Shalonie's Notebook.

In this section Shalonie, finishes her Ibit introduction with the air ibit. I don't know why the air ibit got a full-page spread instead of just one page, but it did. I guess Shalonie had more to say about them.

Shalonie then moves on to oynces -- the next level of elementals according to her classification system. It's technically not 'her' system -- she appears to have done extensive research on the subject using many references. She mentions Rhivoli in the book as one of the main contributors to this research.

These pages introduce the water oynce, which I thought was rather cute. And of course, there are doodles -- because it's a notebook. I had a lot of fun with the doodling in this one. No idea what the little 'mouse' is supposed to be -- I think I was actually going for a rabbit.

There's a bit of an Easter egg on the water oynce page that references something specific in the book, though I think only a very careful reader is likely to recognize it. There's also a 'hint' about our next book in these pages as well -- though I'm not going to mention what that might be.

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Becky Dean said about Shalonie's Notebook: 9-12: Reply

These are awesome!

Do you think a water Oynce would like living in a fish tank?