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Shalonie's Notebook: 13-16

Published 2020-09-29
Carol E. Leever

Below are pages thirteen through sixteen of Shalonie's Notebook.

This has the fire, earth and air oynce. Of all the 'drawings' in this book, I have to say that the fire oynce is my favorite -- he came out utterly adorable in my opinion.

The poor little earth oynce sparked numerous discussions with my parents, mostly consisting of 'what is that?'. I kept explaining it was a 'mole'. They thought it was gopher, or a monster, or a pig -- guess that snout is sort of pig like.

There's also Shalonie's attempt at a dragonfly (my mom thought he looked like a duck -- guess he does sort of have a bill). He's a colorful fellow certainly, though I think the butterflies came out better.

It also starts the section on yints. One of the things I've wanted to do was draw some of the 'devices' that Shalonie always talks about. She mentions several in HOLLOW SEASON (as well as VEN'TARIAN SILENCE). As you can see there is an attempt here at a couple of the devices -- the first looks like something for brewing potions. Not sure what the little wheel is though. I'm sure Shalonie knows. She's a lot smarter than I am.

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Shirley Stoddard said about Shalonie's Notebook: 13-16: Reply

I love the imagination and the art talent you girls have. You are truly gifted. Love you both.

Mhorag Wilderbeek said about Shalonie's Notebook: 13-16: Reply

Carol, I just luv your Fire & Earth Oynces! They are sooooooo cute! The dragonfly is really cute too... I luv learning all the different aspects of the Elementals in Shalonies book. Thank you for sharing.

Barbara Gaudio said about Shalonie's Notebook: 13-16: Reply

What a great way to bring your the stories to life. The talent here is outstanding!

Cheryl Schaefer said about Shalonie's Notebook: 13-16: Reply

Adorable little critters! Fire is my favorite too but it may be a tie for the air! I don't like being earthbound either!Lol and Joy!