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Shalonie's Notebook: 17-20

Published 2020-10-06
Carol E. Leever

This was of course supposed to be the continuation of the section on yints. But Shalonie set her notebook down and left if unattended for a while.

The first two pages have our water and fire yints. The little water yint is quite elegant I think, but I have a feeling that the little fire yint has a lot more fun. I'm guessing Shalonie must have some nice colored pencils or chalks to draw all of these things. I do know she likes colors -- and may have recently purchased some colored inks.

But then something happened on the next pages.

I imagine Shalonie was writing most of this while she was on the Golden Voyage sailing to Ven'taria. That ship had not just the cats, but Kyr and Kadana's children on board. They probably got bored from time to time -- and one of them in particular is a very mischievous little kitten.

If you've read the book you'll understand 'how' this came into existence. What I really like is the size of Tormy and Tyrin, vs the size of Omen and Kyr. Obviously there is a clear understanding of size. I think Tyrin just perceives the world through different eyes than everyone else. A bit like his boy, Kyr.

And I'm sure Shalonie was delighted -- she could have just torn out the page, but I think the fact that she devoted another page toward explaining the image likely means she intends to show the book to other people.

There is of course a similar image at the end of VEN'TARIAN SILENCE -- though the text on that one is something Kyr wrote (with spelling help obviously) and Tyrin illustrated.

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Mhorag Wilderbeek said about Shalonie's Notebook: 17-20: Reply

Oh I luv this!!! Turin is getting very good with his drawings & writing skills. I especially luv how Shalonie explains everything. This is amazingnessness!!!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Mhorag Wilderbeek

I love it too. Carol/Shalonie does such a great job! And Tyrin's drawings crack me up.