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Ventarian Silence Cover

Ven'tarain Silence Cover Reveal!

Published 2020-08-11
Carol E. Leever

We're very pleased to show off our new cover for Ven'tarian Silence, and announce that the book will be released on August 24, 2020! Just a few more days!

I actually painted this cover over a year ago. Camilla had the idea of setting it in the city of Ven'taria at night, and of course we needed Tormy and Omen on the cover.

As you may have seen in all my art blogs, everyone in the book gets the elaborate festival masks to wear so I painted Omen here sporting his lovely peacock mask. And if you're wondering why Tormy isn't wearing a mask -- well, you'll need to read the book to find out.

This book is filled with magic and monsters -- I wanted the book to convey that somehow. If you look really closely you'll see yellow eyes gleaming in the background behind Omen and Tormy. Creatures are just waiting to jump out at them!

Originally this image was quite a bit darker -- a definite 'night' scene illuminated only by the light in Omen's hand (you'll find out what that is too!). But 'dark' does not work on Amazon -- the thumbnails turn out way too dark, and the print books just don't look right. So I brightened it after the fact.

Below is the larger Audiobook cover! The audiobook (narrated by Camilla's wonderful husband P.J. Ochlan) turned out AMAZINGNESSNESS, as Tormy would say. We laughed and cried as we listened to it -- you'll love the cats!

And for those of you who enjoy my Art blogs, I thought I'd include my initial sketch of the cover. This is how the idea first started out -- just a basic form, with the basic figures blocked in, but the idea is there.

Ventarian Silence Audio cover

Cover initial sketch below!

Cover Sketch
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Susan Aceto said about Ven'tarain Silence Cover Reveal!: Reply

I have just finished this new book! The cover is absolutely perfect for the story and yes it is all explained in the story. Thank you both for bringing all thes marvelous characters to life. Prayers and good thoughts for the coming months. We will survive 2020!!