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Shalonie's Notebook: 21-24

Published 2020-10-13
Carol E. Leever

So this section finishes off our yints. We have our earth yint -- who turned out rather adorable. The scene in the book with all the earth yints running around making 'boom' sounds was one of my favorites.

We also have our air yint, who looks quite like a spite or a fairy. And apparently with Shalonie's doodling we find out that she's quite fond of Shard's little folded ears. I can't imagine anyone not finding Shard's little ears adorable.

Going off on an ear tangent: Recently my cat, Kitsune, injured her ear -- she got a hematoma, probably from scratching it too vigorously. Thinking it was an infection, I took her to the vet immediately. The vet explained that while sometimes they do operate to drain such things, it didn't always work and Kitsune was getting a bit old to undergo an operation. She said the best thing to do would be to leave it alone and let it heal on its own -- but that it would change the shape of the ear. Oddly enough, the way she said that (very hesitantly), it was as if she thought I wouldn't want my cat any more if she wasn't perfect. I can't imagine anyone thinking that way -- but based on her reaction I guess it must happen. I assured her that I didn't care if my cat was perfect or not -- I'd always love her. She seemed relieved by my response (which is heartbreaking!).

In any event Kitsune's ear 'healed' but it is now crinkled and slightly folded. She's very lopsided and absolutely adorable!

Back to the Notebook: Once Shalonie finished her yint section, she turned her attention to more important things -- describing the feast they had at their hotel. Very important! Along with an attempt to 'draw' the food. Food descriptors and menus are all Camilla's realm -- her husband P.J., our great narrator, is also a phenomenal chef who gives her help with the food.

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Mhorag Wilderbeek said about Shalonie's Notebook: 21-24: Reply

I luv the latest instalment of Shalonies notebook. The Earth tint is really cute, & youre right, the Air yins is very sprite like. I thought the food representations were great.

I have a Scottish Fold, & his name is Loki, so when you introduced Shard, I instantly fell in luv... I cant wait to read some adventures where Shard gets to participate.

Great job Carol. XO