Of Cats And Dragons

Tyrin and Nightling

Tyrin and the Nightling

Published 2020-10-20
Camilla Ochlan

The haunted world Of Cats And Dragons. While Tormy & Tyrin are undeniably cute — their innocent way of looking at the world, their unshakeable optimism, their funny syntax, and their overall catness — they are also brave and bold. Tyrin's earliest feat of heroism comes during the party's exploration of a secret chamber at the beginning of HOLLOW SEASON. If there had been any doubt before this point, Tyrin proves that he really is a mighty adventuring cat and that the heart of a lion beats in his pint-sized body.

And the Nightling is just downright creepy.


"I saw it that time!" he called out. "It moved. Just for a second. I was looking right at it. Nasty piece of work! Like a giant scorpion. I think it had teeth or pincers."

"Tyrin!" Kyr shrieked loudly. Omen saw his brother and Tormy racing toward him, Tormy's eyes dark and dilated with hunting fever. The others scrambled after the creature as well, all of them able to see it now that it was moving.

But at the top of the curtain, it was well out of their reach. #i#But not Tyrin's! The curtains didn't even slow him down!## Omen watched in amazement as the small kitten ran after the Nightling, his tiny claws shredding the curtains as he ran up the vertical surface at high speed. The Nightling led him up and down the billowing curtains that stretched around the room. Wiggling like a millipede, the Nightling scrambled over the top of the curtain rods, leaping from one rod to the next in a frantic effort to escape.

"Omen, the door!" Kadana shouted.

Realizing that the Nightling was heading around the room toward the open door, Omen fixed a pattern in his mind and reached out with his psionics to yank the wooden door shut, sealing off the creature's exit.

He heard the hisses and yowls characteristic of a catfight as Tyrin finally caught the creature. Neatly sliding down one of the curtains, front paws moving with lightning speed, the kitten slashed and tore and hit at the red ball of mist with all of his might. The eyes of the Nightling flashed flame yellow with rage as it fought back.

"Grab it!" Templar yelled to the others as they ran around frantically, all of them trying to grab either the kitten or the Nightling.

Tyrin and the creature tumbled and rolled across the tile floor, the kitten shrieking and hissing as he fought.

Somehow Liethan managed to close his hands around one of the shapes, and he swiftly lifted an enraged ball of orange and white fluff from the ground.

They all heard the loud crunch as Dev brought the heel of his boot down upon the Nightling, crushing it flat. A pale sickly mist swirled around Dev's foot before dissipating completely, leaving only a wet smear of black oil on the ground.

For a long moment, they all stared.

Omen's heart beat out strong, painful pumps as he caught his breath.

The silence was broken a moment later by an absolutely delighted Tormy. "Tyrin, you is being amazingnessness!"

"I is knowing that!" Tyrin exclaimed with utter glee. The kitten hung limply in Liethan's outstretched hands, tail still fluffed twice its normal size. "That is being two battles I is fighting today! One more and I is not being ableness to count any higher!"

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