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Orclet in pod

Autumn Orclet in its Pod

Published 2020-10-23
Camilla Ochlan

The haunted world Of Cats And Dragons

Kadana has a few things to say about orclets in HOLLOW SEASON. She's none too pleased because the little monsters just tried to attack her home.

"They are orclets," she explained. "I don't know if you get them in Shindar. Here they hatch from peapods grown on trees in the Autumn Lands. The first pods generally start appearing in early autumn, but the orclets are tiny at that point. You probably never noticed them because they only come out at night. Bright light burns them. They shrivel up and turn into fallen leaves when sunlight hits them."

"These aren't tiny," Nikki said with a shudder. "Some were the size of wine barrels and weighed nearly as much."

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