Of Cats And Dragons

Tyrin curse


Published 2020-10-28
Camilla Ochlan

From Radiation (book 2 Of Cats And Dragons):

A dark entity appeared from deep in the forest. It was little more than a shadow upon the ground, possessing neither form nor substance, but it swallowed all light as it passed. Even the winter sunlight amid the trees dimmed.

It paused at the entrance to the other world. Though Etar had closed the rift, the creature seemed to know exactly where the opening had been, and it moved around the area, scenting…

But a moment later, he felt the land around him shake. The shadow rose up, momentarily darkening, its misty form growing dense as it swirled and twisted in violent streams of blackness, like a tornado made up of ropy arms and grasping hands. Etar felt the rift ripping open once again. The shadow creature stepped through the opening and vanished from the forest…

He was about retreat when he saw more movement below in the woods and realized he had not been the only one observing the entity. There at the entrance to the rift, hidden beneath the leafy branch of a winter-blooming camellia bush was a small orange cat, little more than a kitten, tiny and fragile looking.

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