Of Cats And Dragons

Shard Christmas

Midwinter Magic

Published 2020-12-09
Camilla Ochlan
"Today is the day the Great White Winter Cat is bringing presents to all the cats!" Shard jumped up and spun in tight circles.

Lilyth just can't stay out of trouble. When little Shard shares the tale of the Great White Winter Cat, Lily determines that she will make this solstice celebration the best her kitten has ever seen, no matter the cost.

Set in Melia on the eve of the Crosstime Feast, LILYTH'S MIDWINTER revisits the Daenoths' friends and family and sheds light on a few dark corners of the world OF CATS AND DRAGONS.

Enjoy this new holiday story as our gift to you.

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This story takes place on the eve of the Winter Solstice in the year 14,022 in the world Of Cats and Dragons. It is approximately 20,000 words long (averages out to about 72 pages). It follows the antics of Lily, her new kitten Shard, and her best friend Sable as they try to manipulate the Great White Winter Cat as he flies around the world delivering presents to all the cats. Note: This story should be read BEFORE reading our new book VEN'TARIAN SILENCE. Knowing the events in this story will increase your enjoyment of certain events in the book.
Lilyths Midwinter Cover
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