Of Cats And Dragons

cat and hummingbird

Tormy's Journey: Part Five

Published 2021-01-12
Camilla Ochlan

Excerpt: "Kitten instinct told Tormy to pounce on the hummingbird and dragonfly — birds and bugs were for chasing after all. But the old woman had called them friends — meaning perhaps that these creatures were more than fun chasey things."

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Cissie said about Tormy's Journey: Part Five: Reply

Really enjoying Tormys adventure! Its fun to find out the WHOLE story!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Cissie

Hi Cissie,

So very glad you are enjoying Tormy's story.

Terri said about Tormy's Journey: Part Five: Reply

Thank you so much for such a treat! I look forward to each installment and can't wait to find out what happens to Tormy next.

I really need this story now. It's a perfect break from the world. Of course, I wish it was a little longer, lol.

Please, lots and lots more. And I hope you will publish this in a book or novella when completed. Or never complete, just keep writing more stories of Tormy's adventuring!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Terri

More adventure to come. We're so happy you are enjoying the tales.

Hilary said about Tormy's Journey: Part Five: Reply

Looking forward to the next installment

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Hilary

Thank you Hilary. We're so glad you are enjoying the story.