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Tormy 6

Tormy's Journey: Part Six

Published 2021-01-19
Camilla Ochlan

Danger, danger . . . because you know what they say about curiosity and cats.

Tormy 6


Tormy leaped off the bench to investigate the moving shadow. On the lower level where all the people's feet rested, he noticed a small space between the bottom of the bench and the floor. The opening led down to a lower level beneath the seating platform.

Another location, another room!

Tormy strained to see. It was dark below, but he could make out movement. His whiskers twitched. His tail flicked. How exciting. Another place to explore.He sniffed scrupulously. Strange smells.

There was the scent of fire and anger, thrashing and smashing . . .

Want to know where Tormy ends up?

You can download Tormy's Journey using the link at the end of your copy of Night's Gift. If you do not have a link in your copy, please email us at meow@ofcatsanddragons.com, and we will send you the story.

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Patti DeLang said about Tormy's Journey: Part Six: Reply

I just wanted to let you know how MUCH I enjoy your writing. I can just picture Tormy following his path. Thank you!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Patti DeLang

Thank you, Patti. It means so much to hear that :)

Clinton Sites said about Tormy's Journey: Part Six: Reply

Tommy is being portrayed just as I think my cats (when they were here) would have been as I saw them - adventure with caution, curiosity with fear.

Go Tormy!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Clinton Sites

That's awesome! Thank you for sharing. Go Tormy!