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Tormy 7

Tormy's Journey: Part Seven

Published 2021-01-25
Camilla Ochlan

Part 7 marks the end of the Tormy's Journey, but our kitten's life of adventure is just beginning.

Tormy 7

Want to know where Tormy ends up?

You can download Tormy's Journey using the link at the end of your copy of Night's Gift. If you do not have a link in your copy, please email us at meow@ofcatsanddragons.com, and we will send you the story.


Many creatures swarmed around Tormy and the goat man — dozens of the little imps Tormy had seen earlier as well as some massive creatures that looked like multi-limbed bears with long tusks and terrible claws.

For a bit of extra fun, once you've finished Tormy's Journey (part 7), grab your copy of NIGHT'S GIFT and go directly to Chapter 11, The Box. You'll see things in a whole new way.

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Speck Silver said about Tormy's Journey: Part Seven: Reply

Interesting note. Ive read everything once through so i went to "order of books" and went back through in order.

After signing up for newsletter and getting Tormy's and Tyrin's adventures, read Tormy's adventure then went to chapter 11 "The Box" and picked up from there! Its the same book obviously but its tilted my whole view coming in from Tormy's perspective!! Its almost like my subconscious expected the rest of the book to suddenly have rewritten itself to pick up from Tormy's point of view! lol!! I know thats not rational or logical it was interesting though!

Wonder what Tyrin would say about the cat's point of view? ' Of course you is thinkings like a cat now! That's wonderfulnessness you is learningness the logic trapiness!'

Thanks for shaking up my brain :)

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Speck Silver

Ha - that's awesome! It's really fun how things change when you add the CPOV (cat's point of view).

Scherry Cusick said about Tormy's Journey: Part Seven: Reply

Hi I didn't receive part 7 on Tormy's adventure would you please send it to me. Thanks Scherry

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Scherry Cusick

Dear Scherry, email is on its way. Enjoy Tormy's Journey, part 7