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Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 1

Published 2021-02-02
Camilla Ochlan
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Tyrin woke with a start. The tiny orange kitten blinked and wiped his bleary eyes with the squishy, bean-shaped pads of his fluffy white paws. Still coiled in his favorite twisted sleeping pose, the little cat drowsily marveled at a most unusual sight.

Across from him, in the far corner of his tree-knot den, hunkered his twin brother Tormy, half-sitting, half-reclining.

Tyrin knew right away that this was a fancy because his much larger twin couldn't possibly fit into the oak's snug hideaway. But more importantly, the feline mirage didn't smell at all like his brother. It didn't smell like anything whatsoever.

Yet, there sat a superbly detailed vision of Tormy, golden orange legs awkwardly arranged as if he were trying to keep all weight off his paws, coat dirty and matted, whiskers drooping. Tormy had followed his adventuring tunnel out of the Cat Lands many moonrises ago. And while Tyrin missed his twin, the two younglings played chase in the dreamings every night after they'd both fallen asleep. And after the game, Tormy would tell Tyrin stories about his latest exploits, his hero adventuring person Omy, and his new home in Melia. But this night, the dreamings had been different, and that weighed on Tyrin.

The little cat uncurled his spine and reached out his front paws as if trying to grab the tendrils of ephemeral images starting to escape his consciousness.

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JACKIERAY said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 1: Reply




Camilla Ochlan replying to: JACKIERAY

Hi Jackieray,

Thank you for getting in touch. I just emailed the newsletter with Tyrin Chapter 1 to you. Hope you enjoy :)

Ramona said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 1: Reply

I have just found Tyrin's Trek & have Chapter 6 & a little part of 5 but can't get the rest. Is there some way I can get the first chapters? I'm sure I would enjoy them as they sound so much like my little rascal, Miss Prissy.

Thank you in advance.


Camilla Ochlan replying to: Ramona

Hi Ramona - the early chapters are on their way to you. Say "hi" to Miss Prissy for us :)