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Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 2

Published 2021-02-08
Camilla Ochlan
Tyrin Trek


Tyrin weighed his options as he scampered down the ancient oak, his needle claws digging into the ridges and grooves of the hard bark. To find Tormy, he would have to catch a boat from the Cat Lands and sail to Melia. But since Tormy's current location was unknown, traveling to Melia wouldn't reunite him with his brother in time to lend a helping paw.

The most obvious answer, Tyrin concluded, was to travel by adventuring tunnel. His adventuring tunnel was sure to deposit Tyrin right at the site of the biggest adventure in the world, which is where — undoubtedly — he would find Tormy.

Vexingly, Tyrin didn't know how to find his adventuring tunnel. To hear Tormy tell it, adventuring tunnels just appeared when a cat was ready to adventure. But waiting around for a tunnel to spontaneously materialize hardly seemed like a practical plan to Tyrin...

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Susan said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 2: Reply

I like all the names of the tools for observing the stars, sky,and other heavenly bodies. Looking to next installment.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Susan

Especially Tyrin's version of the names ;)

Susan said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 2: Reply

Help I lost Tyrin's Journey chapter 2. Sorry could you resend it. Thank you! I think you books and the journeys are excellent example of fanesty at its best. I hope you will continue these stories.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Susan

On its way :)