Of Cats And Dragons


Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 3

Published 2021-02-16
Camilla Ochlan


"Is you breaking the sky?" Manti's laughing voice drew Tyrin's attention.

Tyrin's sister was racing across the grass flat of the observatory garden. Already almost half the size Tormy had been when he'd left, Manti had a coat of bright yellow fur that gleamed in the sun and round amber eyes that shone with mischief.

"I is being a great adventuring cat," Tyrin pronounced primly. "And I is finding the scoundrel who is ripping the sky. And then I is finding my adventuring tunnel."

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Speck said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 3: Reply

I love how Tyrin handles logic! If hes ready to adventure but doesnt see his tunnel, he must not be in the right place to find it

Love Manti!!! Sibling rivalry yet solidarity in adversity!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Speck

Writing Tyrin is so much fun for that very reason. Getting into that cat logic is a blast.

Manti is a good sister for the twins. They have such big personalities, and she holds her own.

Glad you're enjoying the adventure.