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Tyrin Trek 4

Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 4

Published 2021-02-23
Camilla Ochlan
Tyrin wool


Safely on the other side of the great wooden barrier, Manti danced excitedly. "I is walkings through the wood, just like in the dreamings. Wood is being easier than stone."

"Like it is being easier to do the walkings through water than to do the walkings through snow?" Tyrin considered that his sister's new skill would be very useful if one were an adventuring cat. He wondered if Tormy too could walk through walls. His twin had never mentioned it. He thought about all the places he could explore if he could just walk right through things — the pantry would never be safe!

Even as Manti flicked her ears in agreement about the states of water and the challenge each presented for forward motion, her eyes grew rounder and wider.

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Susan said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 4: Reply

I did handcrafts when I was younger (one of them being weaving) I recognize importance of warp, weft, tight compact weaving, and importance of keeping work surface dry and mold-free. The description of the tapestry brought me vivid memories when I no longer had space for the actual fabric. Thank you for this memory. I love your stories and look forward to reading many more books.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Susan

Your comment means so much to us. A lot of research on tapestries and weaving went into writing that part of the story. We loved the idea of Tyrin learning the story by climbing the tapestry and are so glad that worked for you.