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Tyrin Trek 5

Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 5

Published 2021-03-02
Camilla Ochlan
tyrin stalking


Tyrin sniffed at the black splotch. It smelled like decay and rot. His olfactory sense offended, he backed away quickly — fur on end — and nearly lost his hold on the tapestry. He plopped downward, but a fast front paw prevented him from plunging far. For a moment, he dangled by one claw as if he were a hurricane lantern hanging from a short hook.

As the little cat hauled himself up, he noticed a movement out of the corner of his eye. He dug his claws deep into the weft of the tapestry and concentrated on the far edge of the unnerving shadow. To his amazement, Tyrin spied something small and dark break away from the large mass. The skittering thing lifted from the center of the black void, its motion a mere ripple in the material.

Tyrin's muscles contracted, and an annoyed chitter escaped through clenched teeth as he fought his instinct to spring.

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Susan said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 5: Reply

AH! Chapter 5 is so tantalising that I can't stand it to wait for chapter 6. Made me wonder if Tyrin

caused the rips in the clouds.

I am looking forward to the next book.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Susan

So happy you are enjoying the story.

That little Tyrin sure can get himself into a lot of trouble :)

Lyn said about Tyrin's Trek: Chapter 5: Reply

I ladies. There seems to be a problem with my web page subscription. I don't get the newsletter in my email. I had to ask you to send me Tormy's Story and I don't want to miss any thing. I'm loving the back stories as much as I love all your adventuring hero cat tales. Just one request, I think Manti should be mine!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Lyn

Hi Lyn -

I've resent the Tryin chapters to the email address you've provided. Let me know if you need me to send them to another email address instead.

Manti is a super kitten. You'll see more of her in the next book :)