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Shalonie's Notebook: 27-28

Published 2021-04-08
Carol E. Leever

We got so caught up in our little Feline Interludes with Tormy and Tyrin that we dropped the blogs showing pages from Shalonie's notebook. I still have a few more that I've been working on to complete.

All of this has been quite fun for me, and a bit of a learning experience -- both the Notebook and the few images I did for Feline Interludes. It has allowed me to try different art styles with each.

For my covers of the books I try to go for a more 'realistic' look with the images, rendering them to the best of my ability. With the Feline Interludes I wanted to try my hand at a more simplistic storybook type of image.

And for Shalonie's Notebooks -- well technically it's not supposed to be me drawing any of it. It's Shalonie drawing all of it. So yet another art style.

If you have finished VEN'TARIAN SILENCE you know that Shalonie was quite distracted during the dinner at the Valeraine. And yet despite all that she had time to sketch what she saw in her notebook -- obviously there were a lot of things to look at and remember.

Here's another page -- more of the menu, and a sketch of two of the masks on display at the table. Enjoy!

Shalonie Notebook Page 27-28
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Mhorag said about Shalonie's Notebook: 27-28: Reply

Thank you for sharing... Id forgotten how much I missed this. Loving the food on the menu. Thank you Carol.

Carol Leever replying to: Mhorag

You're welcome! I enjoy doing these. Let's me flesh out lots of crazy ideas that can't really make it into the books -- too many details in my head.