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Shalonie's Notebook: 29-30

Published 2021-04-21
Carol E. Leever

Have you ever gone to a really expensive restaurant and ordered exactly the same thing you order at every restaurant you've ever gone to (for me, it's Caesar salad with chicken because that's what I like gosh darn-it!!!!!) and wondered, what is up with all this silverware? My glass of water hardly needs four separate goblets, and at most I can only use about five of the nine salad forks, (maybe 6 if I 'try' to drop an extra one). And I suppose I could use one knife to cut the square of cornbread that came with the salad and a separate knife for the butter. Seems a waste though -- the 47 spoons would have worked just as well.

Well, apparently these thoughts have crossed Shalonie's mind too. She is very clever, after all.

Of course, she also has other things on her mind -- so yes, there are some a mentions of her musings during the Ven'tarian feast. Hope you enjoy!

Shalonie Notebook Page 29-30

We've been wondering how Avarice managed to teach Kyr about the right fork and proper spoon. The boy who used to eat rats and bugs seems to have a better grasp of complicated utensils than most -- though he does let the kitten eat off his plate. I'd love to see the table manners lessons during Daenoth family dinners. Might be worth a little flash fiction.

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