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Shalonie's Notebook: 31-30

Published 2021-05-06
Carol E. Leever

In the course of writing our novels, we had to come up with the currency that is used in this world. Shalonie, of course, is an expert in this as well and attempts to explain the coinage in Ven'taria to Tyrin and Kyr. Needless to say, Tyrin has opinions on the subject. I rather suspect that Shalonie's notebook discussing the coinage, was an attempt to teach the kitten a few things during their downtime.

The notebook page is below -- along with an excerpt from VEN'TARIAN SILENCE. I thought way too hard about all this, but I had fun coming up with coins.

From Ven'tarian Silence: Chapter 14

"Hungry!" Tyrin proclaimed. "Tormy and Athreus is still doing the eatings. Kyr and I is buying pie in the city. We is having moneys."

Kyr reached into his pocket and pulled out a handful of coins -- gold, silver, and copper all mixed together.

"You shouldn't flash that much money around," Dev warned the boy.


"You want me to explain theft to you?" Dev raised an eyebrow as if daring the boy to say, yes.

Kyr took another bite of his spice roll. "If people asked, I would give them the coins. I like apples better."

"You can buy apples with your coins, but only if someone doesn't steal them," Dev explained. "Put the coins in your inner pocket, inside your coat."

"Those are all Melian coins," Shalonie pointed out. "We'll have to exchange our coins for Ven'tarian currency." She scanned the docks, spying a large building painted bright red farther inland. "Looks like there's a Venedrine coinage exchange right in port."

"Wait!" Tyrin cried in protest. "I is just learning the pennyweights! Is you tellings me I is having to learnness new moneys?"

Shalonie laughed. "Every country has its own coins," she explained to the kitten. "Pennyweight is a Melian currency. In Ven'taria you have golden gleens and silver chimes. They have copper pennies as well, but they call the penny bit a pip instead. There are a hundred pips in a penny." She knew Tyrin wasn't likely to retain the information, but Kyr was certainly able to understand.

"Is I having enoughness to buy pies?" Tyrin demanded.

Considering the amount of gold Kyr had just flashed, she suspected they had enough money to buy a house. "Yes," she assured the kitten. "You can buy pie."

Shalonie Notebook Page 30-31
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I love your imagination! You both are so amazingly gifted! <3