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Solstice Thyme cover

Solstice Thyme

Published 2021-06-19
Camilla Ochlan

It's all fun and games . . . until the giant frogs show up.

How much trouble can three children and two talking cats get into?

A lot.

Solstice Thyme takes place during a two week period inside Autumn King. You might want to read that book first to avoid any spoilers.

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Solstice Thyme is a short story that takes place during a two week period in the Autumn King near the end of the book. Chronologically it occurs in Summer of the year 14,022 in the world Of Cats and Dragons. It is approximately 9,800 words long (averages out to about 35 pages). You should probably read Autumn King first. This story is about what Tormy, Tyrin, Kyr and Kadana's young daughters get up to during the two weeks at Kadana's castle when all the adults are busy..
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