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Shalonie's Notebook: 34-35

Published 2021-07-07
Carol E. Leever

We didn't really cover much in the way of money in HOLLOW SEASON and AUTUMN KING -- the two books that take place in Kharakhan, but the subject did come up as we were planning things out. Kyr did have that one incident with the merchant on the docks when they first arrived, but no one ever actually bought anything from that man. Technically Templar stole a dagger from the merchant and gave it to Kyr -- but considering the merchant did attack the boy psionically, Templar felt it was the least thing owed to Kyr.

Nikki Deldano is introduced in HOLLOW SEASON as well -- he initially is considered to be part of the working class of the country. His mother runs an inn/tavern, and Nikki is little more than a servant. We never discussed how much he likely got paid -- but joining his grandmother Kadana and later the rest of the Deldano family was a huge change for him. He went from having little money of his own, to having anything he wanted. I imagine the adjustment period was difficult -- especially since the idea of being wasteful or extravagant would go against his upbringing. He had to fight for everything he had, and the concept of not working for something just wouldn't occur to him.

In our short story LILYTH'S MIDWINTER, we introduce two more Kharakhians -- Ash and Rain, the little half-elvin street children who stow away on a boat and find themselves in Melia, too terrified to do anything for fear that they'll be eaten by dragons. Ash and Rain are very typical Kharakhians -- hardworking, superstitious, and a bit down on their luck. We haven't gone into a great deal of history of Kharakhan, but it is a very harsh land that has seen a lot of war. And with the invasion of the Faerie, they have more hard times ahead.

Kharakhan also has a lot of non-humans -- specifically elvin clans and dwarven clans, who see themselves as autonomous communities. There was always an uneasy truce between them and their previous king. They respected Indee -- the elves in particular. But they don't have the same relationship with Khylar as they did with his mother. There is some tension brewing there.

However, tension aside -- trade does go on. There is a great deal of commerce that takes place between the humans, elves, and dwarves. The coinage reflects that. Elvin and dwarven coins are common, and the Kharakhians exchange all of them easily.

Shalonie Notebook Page 34-35
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Eva said about Shalonie's Notebook: 34-35: Reply

It fleshed out parts of the other books very well.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Eva

Thank you so much, Eva.

We're glad you enjoyed it.