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Hurrah! It's our four-year Cat-iversary!

Published 2021-08-25
Camilla Ochlan

August 23, 2017, Night's Gift hopped on the shelf at Audible. A few weeks later, both Night's Gift and Radiation made their debut in the Amazon store, unleashing Omen, Tormy, and gang in ebook and paperback.

Since then, we've added Tormy's Journey and Tyrin's Trek to round off the origins of our young heroes; we've led them over oceans and continents, into cursed cities, and into wild woods. All for the thrill of adventure and -- as one kind reviewer put it -- "a rollicking good tale."

At the heart Of Cats And Dragons are, of course, the cats. Specifically, the twins -- Tormy and Tyrin.

Tormy, giant, galumphing, and orange, is Omen's conscience. I always imagined that Omen would have headed down a very dark, very violent road if he hadn't won a certain Nightball game and selected the prize nobody wanted.

Tyrin keeps Kyr grounded. The teacup-sized feline has the heart of a lion and the tendency to describe the world in "colorful metaphors." His spunk balances Kyr's otherworldliness, and -- though Omen does his best to help his brother live in the real world -- little Tyrin saves Kyr from going off the deep end.

Whether it's the "Big Magic" of a story seeking to be told or the untamed imaginations of a couple of lifelong best friends, Of Cats And Dragons is a well of endless wonder for me. And in a lot of ways, I still feel like we are just getting started.

The stories so far:

Timeline of Books

Counted from the year of the last Covenant, 14,000 years ago.

14,021 Autumn: Night's Gift (Book 1)
14,021 Autumn: Feline Interlude: Tormy's Journey (short story)
14,021 Winter: Winter Tithe (novella)
14,022 Spring: Radiation (Book 2)
14,022 Spring: Feline Interlude: Tyrin's Trek (short story)
14,022 Summer: Summer's Fall (Book 3)
14,022 Summer: Hollow Season (Book 4)
14,022 Summer: Autumn King (Book 5)
14,022 Summer: Solstice Thyme (short story)
14,022 Autumn: Lilyth's Hunt (novella)
14,022 Winter: Lilyth's Midwinter (novella)
14,022 Winter: Ven'tarian Silence (Book 6)

Looking ahead:

Book seven, Wyldwood Fate, will arrive this fall. It is a solid Omen, Tormy, Kyr, Tyrin, Templar, Shalonie, and Dev adventure. But Lilyth refused to sit this one out, so there will be another parallel short story included with the book (like Longest Night was for Ven'tarian Silence).

And then something unexpected happened:

Nikki Deldano turned a cameo into a full episode. And it occurred to us that Nikki could have a spin-off of his own. The first story is nearly complete. We're planning on releasing it at the same time as Wyldwood, but I'd like to ask your help in naming his series.

Lily's name is part of the title of her tales (Lilyth's Hunt, Lilyth's Midwinter, Lilyth's Dance). But Nikki isn't as self-absorbed; he needs something a little subtler.

I thought of "A Bard's Tale," for Nikki's first story -- but I think that is already taken by the fabulous Mercedes Lackey.

And then it occurred to me that our wonderful readers might want to have a hand in naming the Nikki series. If you want to get creative, just leave a series title suggestion in the comments, or email us at meow@ofcatsanddragons.com. Once we have a bit of a list, we could do a poll to crown the favorite.

To wrap up our cat-iversary today, we want to thank you from the very bottom of our hearts. Writing these tales has been our lifeblood these four years -- even in the darkest moments. We are so happy that you love the characters as much as we do. It really means the world to us.

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Norma said about Hurrah! It's our four-year Cat-iversary!: Reply

Happy belated Cat-iversary! Thank you Carol and Camilla for sharing the most wondrous cat tales ever written. And thank you to Omen and Tormy, Kyr and Tyrin, Templar, and everyone else including the Dragons for allowing you to share it with us. May their be many more Cat-iversaries in the future.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Norma

Thank you so much! Many more to come - I like that :)

DANIEL said about Hurrah! It's our four-year Cat-iversary!: Reply

Congratulations on your milestone!

Without knowing the context of Nikki's series ... naming is a challenge - the bard hint is good though.

I was thinking "Bardic Adventures" or "Bard on the Run" for a series name might be cool. But, I think you would want it simple - like a single word. So - I would propose simply, Bardic.

Bardic is a Performing Art. This allows for titles of bardic circles, bardic competitions, bardic performances, bardic adventures.

These are the tales of Nikki Deldano's Bardic Adventures


Bardic trip to...

Bardic show of...

Bardic dance of...

Bardic trip to...

Bardic Story of...