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Wyldwood Fate Cover

Published 2021-11-12
Carol E. Leever

This is the new cover of Wyldwood Fate -- the book will be coming soon! We're nearly done with the edit, and P.J. Ochlan is getting ready to record the audiobook! I'm looking forward to hearing all the crazy new voices he'll do for this one.

The artwork took me far longer than I expected. Surprisingly the hardest part was the castle -- I'd never drawn one before. I had a good idea of the landscape I wanted to put our boys in, but finding reference shots wasn't easy. I can't draw all that land strictly from memory. I need to look at stuff to remember what rocks actually look like. Chemo keeps me pretty much locked up these days -- I've been in 'lock down' for 4 years now. Luckily I have a wild imagination so I don't go stir-crazy.

I had a lot of fun with Tormy and Tyrin on this image too. They're identical of course -- but so different to draw. And of course Omen and Kyr had to get some spiffy new outfits. Omen's sword got a bit of an upgrade as well.

The image below is the full version of the Kindle cover -- I have to do a large one for the audiobook so I usually start there and crop it down for the Kindle version. I hope you all like it!

I also included an image of Omen's sword below that for a close up.

Wyldood Fate Art Omens Sword
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Rose Vancil said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply

The cover is gorgeous as usual.I think all of the covers for all of the books are beautifully done.

Carol Leever replying to: Rose Vancil

Thank you so much! I do my best -- art is still new to me so I'm always trying to improve. I had fun with this one!

Brittany McDonald said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply

Hello Carol (& Camilla),

First let me say that I hope youre doing well and the chemo is helping you fight the good fight. I think of you often.

As for the cover, youve grown so much as a true artist. I think the setting and characters are picture perfect.

It tells a story in of itself.

Please be well.

And please keep drawing.

Your work is wonderful.

Love you both,


Mhorag Wilderbeek said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply

Wow!!! That is amazing!!!

Carol Leever replying to: Mhorag Wilderbeek

Thank you! You should have seen it when I first started -- looked rather funny! Tormy went through about a dozen different poses.

Grogan Norma said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply

That cover is awesome, Carol. I admire your strength, your great attitude, and all your artistic ability.

That is just the way I have imagined Tyrin. A perfect replica of Tormy, (except for the spots, of course) but little kitten size, like that. I have pictured him riding and hiding in Tormy's ear.

Thanks to you and Camilla both for this great series.

Carol Leever replying to: Grogan Norma

Thank you! Tyrin spends a lot of time climbing out of Kyr's pocket to sit on his shoulder (and head) in this book. The little guy wants to 'see' what's going on -- and be in the center of the action. Imagine what would happen if Tormy tried that!

Brandon Allen said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply

Love it

Carol Leever replying to: Brandon Allen

Thank you! I'm always trying to improve my art -- spend more hours than I like to admit watching art tutorials!

Deborah Dano said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply


I forgot to say that the red haired warrior reminds me of you!

Great work!


Deborah Dano said about Wyldwood Fate Cover: Reply


Was one of your students and always remember the hard but challenging classes and projects that were so creative. Hope you are well and know I pray for you and treasure that I learned much from you. I am now dedicated to being fastidious in locating errors.

Found this page and thought of you for love of cats and the Book of Kells! I also love calligraphy and have at least 2 cats that found me. D'Argento and Claudette.

Don't know who put this page together but it just shows all the cat illustrations within the text.


Hope to hear you are recovered as God's best is our only promise.

Best to you, Deborah