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Tormys Journey Cover

Tormy's Journey

Published 2022-01-05
Camilla Ochlan
Tormy shivered with excitement, his fur standing on end with the charge of energy in the air. He crouched and sniffed deeply -- Magic, definitely! And here he was with a proper hat on his head. Just like a great wizard.

Ever wonder what happened to Tormy prior to the events of NIGHT'S GIFT? How does a Great Hero Adventuring Cat start his fabulous journey?


This story takes place during Mid Autumn of the year 14,021, and is approximately 10,000 words long. It happens concurrently with the events of NIGHT'S GIFT. It follows Tormy on his travels to a fateful meeting. It can be read before or after NIGHT'S GIFT but probably makes more sense to read it AFTER.

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