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Tyrins Trek

Tyrin's Trek

Published 2022-02-05
Camilla Ochlan

"I is neednessness my adventuring tunnel," Tyrin blurted out in his best Sul'eldrine.

Stargazer purred a laugh. "Adventuring tunnels, brave one, appear when a cat is ready to adventure."

"I is being readiness!" Tyrin scampered around her, kinking his neck to look up into her silver-furred face. "Tormy is leaving through his tunnel. And we is being twins. If Tormy is being an adventuring cat, I is being an adventuring cat. And I is needing my adventuring tunnel. Now." He pushed his ears as far forward as he could in an attempt to soften the commanding tone of his final word. One did not command Lady Stargazer.

Want to know how Tyrin managed to make his way to Kyr's dark world? How did he even know where to look? And what sort of mischief did he get up to prior to the journey. All Great Hero Adventuring Cats have to start somewhere.


This story takes place during the beginning of of the year 14,022, and is approximately 7,000 words long. It happens concurrently with the events of RADIATION. It follows Tyrin on his travels to a fateful meeting. It should be read after RADIATION.

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