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5-Year Cati-versary

Published 2022-08-24
Camilla Ochlan

The best and the worst day: August 23, 2017. Five years ago, Carol and I accomplished something we had only dreamed about. The world we had created over decades, the world Of Cats And Dragons, made its debut on the shelves of Audible (with Amazon and all the other stores to follow). We were thrilled, and excited, and happy. This day would change our lives.

It did.

But not as we had thought. That afternoon Carol, who hadn't been feeling well for a while, was diagnosed with cancer. What followed was devastating and life-altering as her cancer diagnosis went from treatable to Stage Four with a short life expectancy.

We did not dare to hope for five more years, but here we are.

What Carol has been through is brutal, unfair, heartbreaking. But she continues to show up for the stories and for the art. Because something else unexpected happened.

We met YOU!

Carol, P.J., and I are so very grateful for you, our readers and listeners who have accompanied us through the wilds of Kharakhan, the wide oceans of Ven'taria, and the ancient undercrofts of the faerie realms. Thank you for going on this adventure with us. Thank you for loving the characters we love so much. And thank you for embracing us and our world Of Cats And Dragons. You are the best!

Knowing that you're there, waiting for the next installment, drives us on. We strive to tell the best stories we can, give you the best of the tales as we know them.

Of Cats And Dragons is about friendship: the friendship between a young bard and his giant talking cat, the friendship between two princes exploring wondrous lands and taking on crazy quests -- friendships that run deep, friendships that come as a surprise, and friendships that are the only shield in a world of monsters, magic, and cataclysmic events.

It is about our friendship, Carol's and mine, that began over four decades ago.

And it is about OUR friendship, yours and ours. We continue to create because you continue to show up too.

And for that, we are all incredibly grateful.

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Gwynette Krulisky said about 5-Year Cati-versary: Reply

Happy Cati-versary!!!

Carol E. Leever replying to: Gwynette Krulisky

Thank you!

Dave Mcloughlin said about 5-Year Cati-versary: Reply

Happy Cati-versary,

I pray we are all here again for 10-15-20 year anniversaries.

Its amazing to think how yours and Carols friendship and rescue of an orange kitten has grown into, the smiles you both shared with that original Tormy has grown into a world where your shared stories and imaginations creates a feeling of happiness and joy for all those who venture into it, Thank you for sharing that world with us, it brings me so much happiness to return again and again .