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Kansas City Clock Tower

Stumbling Upon Art

Published 2017-06-20
Camilla Ochlan

Editing a section of RADIATION (the next book in the OF CATS AND DRAGONS SERIES), I found myself surrounded by the vivid images Carol has created in the scene. Without spoiling anything, let me just say that our intrepid heroes find themselves having to solve a mystery regarding an anonymous sculptor. The statues provide major clues in this chapter.

Now, my formal education didn't include much in the way of art appreciation, but I take pleasure in perusing beautiful statuary. One of my favorite spots in L.A. is the Getty Villa where you can wander among fabulous artworks and antiquities from ancient Greece and Rome. I am always in awe of the unearthly talent and skill it takes to create these marvels.

Last week, I had the fortuitous opportunity to gawk at some unexpected art displays in Kansas City, Missouri. My husband and I had traveled there to take part in the HEAR Now Festival, where we premiered several selections from NIGHT'S GIFT. Strolling through the fabulous Country Club Plaza shopping area, I started noticing one awesome mythological statue after another. That these beauties were on display for the public, not stowed away in a museum, really made me happy. And I wanted to share some of the joy:

Kansas City Door Frame Bronze Boar Bronze Pegasus Poseidon Medusa Fountain Large Fountain Lion Fountain
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