Of Cats And Dragons

Tormy in helmet


Published 2017-06-24
Camilla Ochlan

Epic adventure, arcane magic, monsters, heroes, talking cats, and we're just getting started.

My best friend Carol and I have roamed the OF CATS AND DRAGONS world for over three decades, creating our stories in the telling -- from our high school Dungeons & Dragons games to a database where we've posted over three hundred stories and story fragments for each other alone. But now we are getting ready to share what we've conjured up.

It wasn't easy, sorting through generations of characters, plots long and short, episodes half-forgotten and threads of tales never completed. From the moment Carol and I decided to write that first OF CATS AND DRAGONS novel, it took nearly a year of combing through storylines, weighing character arcs, before we arrived at a starting point.

Other decisions had to be made as well. While our stories range from Grimdark to slapstick, we had to pick one path. Ultimately we had to go with what the core really was -- heroic fantasy with a touch of whimsy. A GAME OF THRONES without the naughty bits

And while we had literally dozens of possible protagonists to choose from, we agreed that Omen and Tormy were at the center of our fantastical universe. And from where should we launch the tale of their beautiful friendship? After a couple of false starts and at least another year of trying to figure it out, we decided to begin -- at the beginning.

NIGHT'S GIFT is the pilot to our new series, one we hope to renew book after book for as long as we can still put word to page.

Thoughts on 'Beginnings'?

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Alan & Brittany McDonald said about Beginnings: Reply

We both have been reading your imagination for years now and we wouldnt want you to change a thing.

You tales are perfect and were also glad you left out the naughty things!

You two are the best!

I, Brittany, can assure you that Im so very looking forward to your next book and Im hopeful that my father, Alan, will remember all the wonderful goodness that Omen, Tormy and Tyrin have brought to us.

Stories can heal all


Thank you so much for all the goodness Camilla and Carol!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Alan & Brittany McDonald

Thank you so much, Brittany. We're glad you and Alan enjoy the stories. Stories can heal - can't agree more. We love writing these tales, but knowing that they are loved helps us keep going too :)