Of Cats And Dragons

Summers Fall Cover


Published 2018-05-24
Camilla Ochlan

SUMMER'S FALL is out today!

Tricked by a treacherous faerie sorceress, Omen agrees to cross the Luminal Sea on a miraculous ship called the Golden Voyage.

But the voyage is anything but golden.

In the shadow of a devastating hex, pursued by a stealer of souls, with both interference and help from Tormy and the potty-mouthed kitten Tyrin, Omen faces monsters, ghosts, and grave troubles unshackled by the volatile seasons themselves.

Accompanied by the prince of Terizkand, a Sundragon scholar, a cynical spy, and a reckless Corsair, our young firebrand has to employ all of his strengths as the autumn winds carry them into the center of a cataclysm that threatens to swallow the world.

Plenty of cats, dragons, and magic. New characters, old favorites and adventure on the high seas.

You're just in time for SUMMER'S FALL.

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