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Care and Feeding of a Tormy

Published 2018-10-25
Carol E. Leever

A lot of decisions go into writing a book, and one of the things Camilla and I had to decide on was the diet of the Tormy Cats. (Incidentally -- the cats actually have a name that they call themselves which will no doubt show up in a future book, but Camilla and I have always affectionately called them the Tormy Cats.)

I have been owned by 7 cats in my life. My first, a beautiful Siamese, lived 17 years. After she died I didn't get another cat until Camilla and I became college roommates; between the two of us we ended up with 5 cats -- one of which was the original Tormy. Yes, he was a real cat, and utterly unique. He was a beautiful orange and white Maine Coon, who would serenade us every night with soft little happy trills after he'd eaten his dinner. We were so heartbroken when he died unexpectedly that I put him into our D&D games so that he would live on in our imaginations.

My current cat, a little quirky Tabby, had a terrible food allergy when she was a kitten. I tried every type of food on the market, including some ridiculously expensive types that just seem to make things worse. I had come across research into the 'raw food diet' on the internet and in desperation finally decided to try that.

The theory is that cats, if they lived in the wild, would only eat meat (and the occasional grain that might be found in the stomach of a mouse). Cats are carnivores after all. The raw food diet consists of ground meat and bone (uncooked!) supplemented with some vitamins and enzymes such as Taurine and B-complex. You can find the formula on the internet.

The original Tormy

The new diet cured all my cat's problems literally within 12 hours. She was horribly sick one moment (and had been for the first year and a half of her life) and then instantly cured with the new diet. I pretty much resolved right there that all future meals would consist of the raw food diet.

Which brings us to the Tormy Cats. Cats are carnivores; they eat meat. They LOVE eating meat. And I don't want anyone to base their cat's diet on what the Tormy Cats eat in our books. The original Tormy (our beautiful Maine Coon) also loved peas, corn, cantaloupe, and blueberry muffins. We also had a cat who loved pancakes -- to the point that whenever we made pancakes we had to make an extra one for her. But just because they will eat carbohydrates, does not mean they are good for the cats or natural for them to eat.

Regardless of all this, I made a definitive choice to make the Tormy Cats omnivores. And I did it for a very specific reason. There is a lot of evidence to suggest that the reasons we human beings are so smart (lol!) is because we started eating carbohydrates -- that in fact an all meat diet would not provide the caloric intake necessary to produce the larger brains we possess. I reasoned that since the Tormy Cats are obviously far more intelligent than their domestic counterparts, they too would likely need a different diet.

So yes, Tormy eats pie, and donuts, and custard, and moffles (mouse-waffles). But like all cats he, and Tyrin, and the others (yes, there are a BUNCH of other cats out there) LOVE meat, particularly fish. Tormy's favorite however is prime rib. These cats would be a nightmare on the pocketbook.

So please, keep feeding your own cats proper diets (research the raw food diet and see if it's something you're interested in). But know that donuts are perfectly permissible for Tormy and all his brethren.

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Speck Silver said about Care and Feeding of a Tormy: Reply

Yes yes yes!

Had a cat named Peanuts because he loved peanuts! Would eat peanut butter warmed up to spread sort of thinly on whole grain toast!

Had one Siamese who enjoyed the smell of coffee so much we finally started pouring him his own coffee cup half full which he would promptly lean his chin on, close his eyes and purr and purr to himself til it cooled off, then he would go find a warm place to nap!

One Siamese loved bananas,no clue why but we gave them sparingly just in case

Another Siamese looooooved berry jam!

Gotta love cats!!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Speck Silver

They are so funny. My cat Stanzi used to love green peas. And Roo was obsessed with the tops of pineapples - that was more a chewing than an eating thing.

Mhorag Wilderbeek said about Care and Feeding of a Tormy: Reply

Thank you for the backstory of Tormy. I knew he was based on a real cat, from one of your other posts, but its great to get the expanded story. Thank you. I luv these titbits!!!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Mhorag Wilderbeek

Love that Tormy so much.

Crystal Tuttle said about Care and Feeding of a Tormy: Reply

I have 2 cheese fiends!

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Crystal Tuttle

LOL - that's great. I can just picture it. It's one thing when cats like something; it's a whole different story when they LOVE something.

Cyndy Shubert-Jett said about Care and Feeding of a Tormy: Reply

I always figured that these wonderful Meows had a different matabolism than our Meows!!!! Love the reasoning behind it. Speaking of cats and carbs...our little Tuxie Boy Prince is a carb craver! He'll tear open bags of bread, try to take crackers and cookies off the plate, and try to open my hubby's chip bags.

Camilla Ochlan replying to: Cyndy Shubert-Jett

That's really funny! We had one cat who liked muffins. We learned about this preference when we returned to the kitchen to discover that the top of every muffin we'd left to cool had small bites taken out of it. Our little monster was fine, but we learned to cover the baked goods.

Sarah Lovell said about Care and Feeding of a Tormy: Reply

I am currently mum to ten cats and all of them have their little quirks. I would say the quickest would Be my fluffyboi Moggie Harrison who has impeccable table manners lol. More or less every dinnertime when we sit to eat the he will appear on the arm of my husband's chair and politely ask for yums. His current absolute fave in baked beans bless him and he will wait till we are done so he can pick the plate and maybe munch a couple of left over beanies too.