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Sundragon Amar Lir Drathos

Published 2018-11-18
Camilla Ochlan

And then a great shadow arced over them, and a rush of wind from unfurled wings threw sand into the air. A thundering boom reverberated as the enormous scaled form of the glittering dragon dropped from the sky and closed merciless claws over the nearest crawling spiders, crushing them utterly.

Omen and Tormy backed away as the dragon raised another deadly claw and crushed two more sandlures. The rest skittered swiftly away, long tails exploding upward along the shoreline as they were instantly retracted and pulled out to sea, leaving the beach empty once more.

Breathing heavily, Omen stared as the mighty Sundragon turned his huge, horn-tipped head and fixed his azure gaze upon him. Despite the muted cloudy light, the dragon gleamed golden and bright, his shimmering scales glinting with the underscales' vibrant blue as if a piece of the sun and sky had landed upon the beach.


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