Of Cats And Dragons

quest for Autumn King

Audiobook Trilogy!

Published 2019-08-19
Carol E. Leever

In the world OF CATS AND DRAGONS, a young bard and his giant talking cat must defend both family and country from foul magic and wicked monsters. Check out the complete Quest for the Autumn King in this three-audiobook edition -- from the series that readers call, "charming," "addictive," and a "brilliant fantasy adventure."

The Quest For The Autumn King: Summer's Fall, Hollow Season, Autumn King -- 3 audiobooks in one collection -- for one Audible credit only.

It is the season of monsters, and wild magic rules the land.

In Summer's Fall: Tormy (and thus Omen) accepts a quest to rescue a missing king. Before Omen knows it, he's crossing the Luminal Sea on a miraculous ship called the Golden Voyage. But the voyage is anything but golden. In the shadow of a devastating hex, pursued by a stealer of souls, with both interference and help from Tormy and the potty-mouthed kitten Tyrin, Omen faces monsters, ghosts, and grave troubles unshackled by the volatile seasons themselves. Accompanied by the prince of Terizkand, a Sundragon scholar, a cynical spy, and a reckless Corsair, our young firebrand has to employ all of his strengths as the autumn winds carry them into the center of a cataclysm that threatens to swallow the world.

In Hollow Season: Omen and his intrepid companions journey toward the looming Mountain of Shadow. But how will they rescue the kidnapped king and lift the curse of the faerie sorceress when every step along their way is wrought with murderous creatures and lethal magic? And what exactly is the secret of the Cypher Runes?

In Autumn King: Through the Mountain of Shadow and into the Gated Lands, Omen and his companions travel right into the heart of darkness. Can they save the land? Can they save themselves? Or does the fate of the world ultimately hang on the antics of two chatty felines with a history more tangled than a ball of yarn?

OF CATS AND DRAGONS, where the epic meets the adorable.

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