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The Book of Beasts

Published 2019-09-09
Camilla Ochlan

My passion for volumes of monsters actually started with the old Dungeons & Dragons Monster Manual.

Monster Manual

I spent hours and hours combing through that wonderful resource in high school (still did all of my homework though -- promise).

Imagine my delight when the Getty Museum here in L.A. announced that the Medieval Bestiary exhibit would be gracing its mighty halls this summer.

My husband P.J. (the voice OF CATS AND DRAGONS) and I headed up the hill and had a blast taking in the glory of it all.

Camilla and P.J. at Book of Beasts

Such food for the imagination. This little excursion gave me all sorts of ideas...

Thoughts on 'The Book of Beasts'?

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Catie Zuckerman said about The Book of Beasts: Reply

I think a book of Characters, Gods & their children with information on each country (realm?) They are from & Maybe a look at what that world looks like & What its name is & Where are the Cat Lands located. On that planet or some other realm?

& then another book of Beasts,Dwarfkin,Fairykin, etc... along with where they come from would be very cool.

Just like a whole Shalonie's Notebook would be cool. Along with information on the Libraries & Universities etc.. where she does research. Are they on the same plane of existence or in some alternate reality for security etc...

My son played Dungeons and Dragons with family friends growing up. I think it expands your mind as long as you don't get lost in it.

I've always loved book on mythical beings, mystical plants and animals etc.

You should check out going to DragonCon to promote you books and art. I'm sure you'd make out like a bandit. Too bad digital books can't be signed.

BTW, do you sell physical books? I'd love to give a signed hardcover to my Niece and Nephews. It's kinda hard to give a digital book....

Brightest Blessings!


Camilla Ochlan replying to: Catie Zuckerman

Dear Catie,

All of those are great suggestions.

You see how quick it gets out of hand?

Dungeons and Dragons is great for expanding your horizons -- but it can eat up all of your time. I think the best thing I took from it was the audacity to create original content. And that's a pretty good takeaway.

I'd love to do DragonCon at some point. Something for the old "to do" list.

We have paperback available through Amazon right now. We'd love to do hardcovers at some point. Good to know that there is interest.