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Oblique in pumpkin costume

Happy Halloween

Published 2019-10-28
Carol E. Leever

Camilla and I are hard at work on book 6 of our series. And I am working on multiple art pieces for the book. Unfortunately, I'm also going through round 2 of chemotherapy at the same time. Much of my week is spent too sick to work on anything, and I have to cram as much as possible into my good days. Luckily Camilla is right there, steadily working, day after day and keeping me motivated to keep going.

We're very excited with the direction our new book is going, and I'm having fun working on the new art pieces for it.

pen and Ink drawing by C. Leever

One of the things I've wanted to do for a long time is try out different art styles. While I consider myself a digital artist these days, I actually did pick up a physical sketchbook a few months ago and tried my hand at pen and ink. It's something I can do while at the hospital, or sick in bed. I was surprised at the art that came out of my pen -- vastly different from anything I do digitally. Here's a bit of an example of what my sketchbook looks like.

It made me want to try out different digital art styles as well -- specifically a more 'storybook' style. I always loved the illustrations you'd find in children's books, and a number of the artists I follow on youtube are very much part of this genre.

So the image you see here is my first attempt at the 'storybook' style. For the subject, I chose the cat Oblique (from Lilyth's Hunt) on her quest to find a 'raisin' costume to wear to the Harvest Festival. Unfortunately, there were no raisin costumes to be found in all of Melia, and she had to settle for being a pumpkin ghost.

Oblique in pumpkin costume

Unlike most of my paintings which take between 60-80 hours to complete (time is rather precious to me at the moment), this one took only about 8-10 hours. Hopefully, you like the results.

I have other 'styles' to try out, but first I have several other paintings to complete. And lots of writing to do.

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