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Tormy in armor

Escape into Fantasy

Published 2020-03-13
Carol E. Leever

Escape into fantasy with OF CATS AND DRAGONS.

Re-discover the joy of reading.

If you find yourself stuck at home for whatever reason, you might enjoy leaving all things "Real Life" behind for a little bit.

And since a lot of us have been hit in the pocketbook as well as everywhere else, we would like to offer you a selection of our books, novellas, and audiobooks for free as a little distraction.

Here are the links to free downloads of NIGHT'S GIFT (book 1 OF CATS AND DRAGONS), our LILYTH'S HUNT novella, and our WINTER TITHE Audibook part 1, WINTER TITHE Audibook part 2 solstice story and SOLSTICE THYME. You can also visit our book page to download these stories for free. And if you would like to share, please feel free to direct anyone else to this page.

We hope you enjoy. Stay safe. Stay calm.

All our best,

Camila & Carol

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