Of Cats And Dragons

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12 Steps To Becoming An Author

Step 1: Face The Music


From There to Here

Our storytelling roots are in Dungeons & Dragons. We've written about how we started gaming together freshman year and continued building our fantasy world over many, many years throughout high school, college, and beyond.

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Audiobook Magic

NIGHT'S GIFT has been turned into an audiobook!

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Art Talk: Werewolves

My writing partner Camilla writes another series with our friend Bonita Gutierrez. The Werewolf Whisperer is urban fantasy about two awesome women fighting their way through the werewolf apocalypse. It is predominately set in modern day Los Angeles and other parts of California.

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High Fantasy

You may have noticed that we modified our cover art slightly -- adding in the dark background element of the skull.

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Finding a voice

Finishing my first novel was a magic moment for me. The first release party. The first 5-star review on Amazon. Finishing the second book. Releasing the first audiobook. All supernatural in my world.

Tormy in armor

World Building

My family frequently asks each other, "What did you do today?" For a writer that is a bit of a loaded questions.

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Epic adventure, arcane magic, monsters, heroes, talking cats, and we're just getting started.

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Stumbling Upon Art

Editing a section of RADIATION (the next book in the OF CATS AND DRAGONS SERIES), I found myself surrounded by the vivid images Carol has created in the scene.

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Beginning Painting

When I was a kid I 'drew' -- mostly just doodles that always seemed to consist of very tall buildings with massive amounts of stairwells filled with dozen of stick figures being menaced by a giant Godzilla- like monster.

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Blame the Odyssey

My love of reading fantasy and science fiction clearly determined my choice to write in the genre. But where did that eternal, unshakeable love come from?

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How easy is . . .

As a college professor I frequently get asked the question, how easy is it to learn...[insert some subject here]. Doesn't matter the subject -- the question is universal.