Of Cats And Dragons

Nights Gift Book Cover

Night's Gift


Young Omen Daenoth cannot control his deadly supernatural powers. The only thing keeping him from inadvertently destroying everyone and everything around him is a dragon-forged artifact.

Radiation Book Cover



Wild magic, pirates, the restless dead, and an ancient curse -- Nothing will stop Omen Daenoth from saving his little brother. Fortunately, the dragons of Melia and his talking cat are there to lend a helping claw.

Summers Fall Cover

Summer's Fall


What do you do when your talking cat accepts a crazy quest? If you're Omen, you jump right in.

Hollow Season cover

Hollow Season


It is the season of monsters, and wild magic rules the land.

Autumn King

Autumn King


The explosive conclusion of the quest for the Autumn King! What magic, what curses, what schemes await...

quest for Autumn King

The Quest for the Autumn King


Three books in one. Books 3, 4, 5 (Summer's Fall, Hollow Season, Autumn King) now come in a box set. In the world OF CATS AND DRAGONS, a young bard and his giant talking cat must defend both family and country from foul magic and wicked monsters.

Winter Tithe cover

Winter Tithe

On the eve of the winter solstice, Tokara rushes out into the snowy woods to find her sister's lost puppy. Her daring path takes her far beyond the protection of her mother's castle and brings her face-to-face with a mystery older than the stars.

Solstice Thyme cover

Solstice Thyme

It's all fun and games . . . until the giant frogs show up.

Lilyths Hunt Cover

Lilyth's Hunt

Lilyth's Hunt - What can possibly go wrong with a midnight summoning? Lilyth is about to find out.

Lilyths Midwinter Cover

Lilyth's Midwinter

Lilyth just can't stay out of trouble. When little Shard shares the tale of the Great White Winter Cat, Lily determines that she will make this solstice celebration the best her kitten has ever seen, no matter the cost.