Of Cats And Dragons

Melian Sundragon - Of Cats And Dragons

Sundragon Amar Lir Drathos

And then a great shadow arced over them, and a rush of wind from unfurled wings threw sand into the air.

Autumn King

Release Day!


The explosive conclusion of the quest for the Autumn King!

Summers Fall

Cover Reveal!

SUMMER'S FALL has a new look!

Hollow Season cover

Release Day!!!


Hollow Season is now out!

Hollow Season cover


We're happy to reveal the new cover of Hollow Season.

Summers Fall Cover



Release day for Summer's Fall!

Audiobook Reviewer medal

Audiobook Nomination!

The NIGHT'S GIFT Audiobook has been nominated by the Audiobook Reviewer for this year's Listener's Choice Awards!

Winter Tithe cover

A Solstice Story

WINTER TITHE takes us to another corner of the world OF CATS AND DRAGONS.

Nights gift banner

2017 Voice Arts ® Awards

Early this November, part of the OF CATS AND DRAGONS team ventured to New York City because our own P.J. Ochlan scored two Voice Arts nominations for NIGHT'S GIFT - one in the Teen and one in the Fantasy category.

Nights gift banner

Audio Book

We're excited to announce the NIGHT'S GIFT audiobook - now available for download on both Audible.com and Downpour.com.

Here Now Festival

Audio Event

NIGHT'S GIFT just had its sneak peek premiere at the HEAR Now Festival in Kansas City!